If you would like to donate to TANZEED you can do this through electronic transfer to the following account (please note this account was updated on 11-7-16)


Account Name: TANZEED

Swift code: SGBLAU2S

BSB Number: 105-010

Account Number: 121 983 940

International transfer account number: 010 0 121 983 940

Bank: St George

Bank Address: 129 The Parade, Norwood, South Australia, Australia, 5067

Email Confirmation:


IMPORTANT: Please reference your email in the 'description field' so we can issue you a receipt for tax deductions or alternatively, email us on 


We became Incorporated under the Seal of the Corporate Affairs Commission of South Australia in April 2015 and acquired our licence to fundraise through the Consumer and Business Services Department within the South Australian Government in August of 2015.  We are endorsed as a deductible gift recipient and registered as an Australian public benevolent institution from 31-7-15. TANZEED is registered with  the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC):

ABN 69 105 174 255

Consumer and Business Services, South Australia, Licence Number: CCP 2303



TANZEED is independent of government funding and we function due to the generosity of individuals and organisations. We have a guarantee that 95 cents in the dollar goes directly to the projects we are funding with the other 5 cents covering costs such as advertising for our cause. No members of the ‘Team’ are paid, we are all volunteers.


No matter how large or small your contribution, every cent counts and we appreciate your help.




  • Sponsor a child  and help change lives for $45 per month.
  • You will be participating in "Tanzanian empowerment through education". 
  • You partner with us as we work with the Kiserian community to support your child's education. They money goes towards education-related costs such as stationary, teaching resources, teachers' wages, building and improving classrooms, water tanks and providing lunch whilst attending school.
  • If you would like to become a child sponsor- please email us on 


How can I communicate with my sponsor child?

  • There is no postal service to the community and no established road.
  • Photos of letters and photographs can be sent to TANZEED who will forward these via Whats App to one of the teaching staff or TANZEED representative. These will then be shared with your child. Replies from your child will be sent via the same method. Replies may take some time due to poor internet coverage. We ask that only a limited number of photos (eg 2-3) and letters are sent approximately quarterly. Please do not send confidential information. Your child will send you a letter about themselves and their family.


Can I send gifts?

  • No. We do not encourage gifts as it sets up inequities within the family and the community. Additionally, there is no postal system to the community.


Can I visit my child?

  • This can be a very special experience and is a possibility if permission is granted from the village leader. Kiserian is normally a very private, closed community, unaccustomed to visitors with no established road. You may need to be accompanied be a TANZEED volunteer. Please negotiate any visit requests through TANZEED.


How much of my money actually reaches my child and the school community?

  • TANZEED is a not for profit organisation
  • All the members of the TANZEED team are volunteers who work without payment
  • Approximately 5% of funds received go towards essential running costs and marketing
  • TANZEED, as a registered charity of the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission, has independent annual financial audits. These are available on request.


Are my child sponsorship payments or additional donations tax deductible?

  • Yes. TANZEED is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission so donations may be claimed as part of your tax claim.
  • TANZEED will send an annual tax summary at the end of each financial year. Individual donation receipts are not given to minimize administration work for our volunteers but are available on request.



Where does my child sponsorship money go?

  • The money goes towards education-related costs to benefit your child and the community such as school books, stationary, teaching resources, teachers’ wages, building and improving classrooms, toilets, water tanks and providing lunch whilst attending school.
  • The money is not sent directly to the child’s family as this can set up inequities within a family and within the community. However, the money supports improvements to your child’s school and access to a quality education which directly benefit your child and their community.
  • TANZEED is committed to working in partnership with the community and they drive the priorities for the organisation. We aim to give the community a “hand-up”, not a “handout” to move towards a more sustainable, independent future. The school has already self-initiated a school board, uniforms, a meal program and volunteer support staff.


What happens when my child finishes primary school or if they move?

  • TANZEED will offer you the option of sponsoring another child in our program.


Can I make additional donations?

Additional donations are welcome and can be made via BSB transfer to:

Account Name: TANZEED

BSB Number: 105-010

Account Number: 121 983 940

Bank: St George

Bank Address: 129 The Parade, Norwood, South Australia, Australia, 5067

Email Confirmation:


IMPORTANT: Please reference your email in the 'description field' so we can include these donations in your tax receipt


What happens if my circumstances change and I can no longer continue sponsorship?

You can stop payments at any stage if your circumstances change. TANZEED will seek to find another sponsor for your child. You are welcome to transfer sponsorship to family or friends in communication with TANZEED.



Where is the school and community of my sponsor child?

Namelok School (meaning “sweet little school” in Maasai) is located in a remote community called Kiserian in northern Tanzania. Kiserian is a proud Maasai community but they have many challenges. There is no running water, electricity, established road or health services. The nearest Government school is over 12km away and takes children approximately 3 hours for children to walk each way. Namelok School enables children to access an education in their community.  


More questions?

Please contact us on