Adam Burford - President and Co-Founder

A high school teacher of over 20 years’ experience, Adam is uniquely qualified to lead TANZEED’s mission of empowerment through education, co-founding the charity in 2015. Having lived and volunteered for extended periods in Tanzania and other parts of east and west Africa, he has gained an understanding of life and schooling and a deep affinity for the continent. He’s complemented this real-world experience with advanced study. Adam has completed a Bachelor of Economics and of Geography, a Master of International Development at Flinders University, and also a Master of Education, International Development and Globalisation at Cambridge University (United Kingdom). He has travelled extensively throughout much of the developing world to broaden his insight into the day-to-day challenges facing families living in poverty. Married with two children, Adam currently teaches geography at Westminster School, Adelaide.


Karen Burford - Secretary and Co-Founder

Karen is a co-founder of TANZEED and a senior clinical and research occupational therapist of over 20 years’ experience. She is passionate about community development and this has taken her throughout the developing world, including for extended periods living and providing volunteer community healthcare in Tanzania, Ghana and Bhutan. Karen is an Accredited Hand Therapist with the Australian Hand Therapy Association. She currently practices at Southern Adelaide Local Health Network. Married to Adam (see above) they have two children who have travelled and also lived with them in Tanzania.


Gary Hayes - Vice President

Gary taught in high schools for more than 20 years and has valuable experience in Tanzania. He has spent time in Tanzania helping  organise and run a three-day TANZEED teacher training workshop on ‘Effective methodologies and active learning’ for local primary and secondary teachers. He has also visited the Kiserian community providing support, building on networks and giving professional development guidance in 2013 and 2017. He is planning a further visit in 2022.


Silas Brandl - Operations Manager, Tanzania

Silas is an instrumental member of TANZEED’s on-the-ground operational team since taking up this role from Nick Forrest in October 2019. He is invaluable in project managing the school construction, communication with the community and school board, accounts oversight and planning. Originating from Germany, he has married a Tanzanian and lives and works near the Kiserian community in Tanzania. He speaks fluent Swahili and the local language of Maa. 


Rajesh Singh  - Treasurer

A Chartered Accountant of over 25 years’ experience, Raj directs the Wakefield Business Group (Adelaide) and also sits on the boards of Hair Care Australia and the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association. He has worked extensively in the United Kingdom public sector, reporting directly to former prime minister Tony Blair as part of the National Audit Office. In this capacity he played a prominent role in establishing the United Kingdom's National Food Standards Agency. He is a volunteer presenter on community radio station, Coast FM 88.7 and past Treasurer of Coast FM. Married with three children, Raj is a keen cricketer and has played as an overseas professional at the United Kingdom's Hambledon Cricket Club.


Kylie Brunner  - General Board Member

Kylie is an experienced occupational therapist with a strong sense of community and interest in child welfare. In addition to providing invaluable fundraising and event-management support, she plays an important role in supporting TANZEED’s relationship-building efforts within the South Australian education community. Married with two children, Kylie and her family look forward to visiting the TANZEED-funded Namelok Primary School—along with its wonderful teachers and students.


Barbara Hunt  - General Board Member 

Barb is an energetic and hard working member of the TANZEED team and has joined TANZEED's teacher training and volunteer trips to Tanzania in 2019 and 2020. She actively fundraises, helping to coordinate TANZEED quiz nights, and the fundraising climb of Mt Kilimanjaro. She is an experienced Geography teacher with extensive travel experience through Africa and developing countries.


Lilian Maximillian - Local Advisor, Tanzania

Lilian is a local Tanzanian who owns and manages Zohar African Safaris in Arusha. She is one of our key local contacts who represent us in Tanzania. She contributes local insight into not just the Tanzanian education, business and public sector, but her community’s cultural heart, complementing her significant commercial experience with an arts degree majoring in sociology and cultural anthropology. Lilian also provides valuable practical, on-the-ground advice and logistical expertise.


M. Kadebe Nicholas Mchawala - General Board Member

Tanzanian-born Kadebe is an experienced teacher having worked both in Tanzania with the School of St Jude and also now in Adelaide. He contributes important cultural insights and understanding as well as extensive practical knowledge regarding education systems in Tanzania and local policy.


Julia Mchawala- General Board Member

Julia has lived and worked in Tanzania and now resides with her family in Adelaide, Australia. She has experience in the education sector and fundraising and brings knowledge of policy and systems in Tanzania as well as a passion for helping others.


Matt Hardy - Communications Advisor

Matt is a journalistically trained copywriter with over 25 years’ experience in all forms of editorial, fundraising and marketing communications. Currently senior copywriter for the University of Adelaide, he has a keen interest in education- and research-related writing. Matt provides TANZEED with valued communications advice. He is married with two children.