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We have had a great 12 months of progress on Namelock School thanks to some generous donations from individuals, from Bunnik Travel, the Lang Foundation, fundraising by our hard-working TANZEED volunteers and our child sponsors:

- Classroom 3 and 4 have been completed allowing increased student numbers

- Rotary (Burnside) funded desks for staff and students for the new classrooms

- We now have 163 children attending that previously were walking approximately 15 km each way to the nearest Government school

- We have employed a cook and 6 trained, local teachers, including a principal

- The school self-initiated the development of a school logo, uniforms, a school song and hosted parent days

- We are in the final stages of attaining  registration approval with the Tanzanian Government 

- We have had a dining hall and kitchen built  and students receive a daily hot meal at school

- Our local school board is well established and has representatives from the community, parents and village leader

- We have launched our child sponsorship program and have 10 children currently sponsored

- We have commenced construction for classrooms 5,6 and an office

- TANZEED members visited the school (self-funded) in Jan 2020 to a warm Maasai welcome. This visit also included the Mt Kilimanjaro TANZEED fundraising climb and the running of teacher training workshops.

Parent Day May 2019

Parent Day May 2019

Newly constructed Dining Hall and Kitchen Sept 2019

Dining hall and kitchen Sept 2019

Namelock Pre and Primary School Logo 2019

Construction of classroom 3 and 4, 2019

Completion of classroom 3 and 4, 2020

Bringing water bottles to school (no running water in the community) 2019

Classroom 3 completed and enjoyed by students - 2019

Namelock students Dec 2019 with Silas, our new Operations Manager since Oct 2019

Namelock students 2019




Students of Namelock Primary Jan 2020

Donated teaching resources Jan 2020

Students of Namelock- Jan 2020

Namelock students and teacher Jan 2020

GOALS for 2020-2021:

Developed in conjunction with the school, school board and community:


- Finalise our registration with the Tanzanian Government

- Complete the construction of classrooms 5 and 6 for our older students and a much needed office

- Furniture, stationery, resources and teaching staff for the new classrooms

- Water tanks, as there is no running water in the community and it is a 2 hour walk to collect water in the dry season




- The COVID19 pandemic has resulted in the Tanzanian Government closing schools on March 17th, 2020. In line with this, Namelock School is closed until restrictions are lifted.

- Teachers are continuing to attend work with the aim to prepare lessons plans,  resources, develop student home study materials and COVID safety education information

- Additional safety measures are being explored and implemented to keep our teachers, students and the community safe

Nerve wracking delivery in the wet season of the new desks for class 4- funded by Rotary Feb 2020

New construction begins for classroom 5,6 and an office April 2020

Bricks for classrooms 5,6 and the office May 2020

Classroom 5,6, office building progress May 2020

Classroom 5,6 and office walls May 2020

Classroom 5,6 and office June 2020



 We are pleased to be able to welcome back the 163 current students to Namelock Primary School following the Tanzanian Government lifting the school closure advice that has been in place since March 17th 2020. 


Education and practice of safety and hygiene strategies will be undertaken to keep our Namelock Community as safe as possible. The challenges of no running water, electricity or a local health care service make education imperative on how to stay safe.





Building work is progressing on classrooms 5, 6 and the office for our 2021 staff and students.

Class 5,6,Office building progress Feb 2021

Building progress on classroom 5,6 and office Feb 2021

Office building progress Feb 2021

Classroom 5 building progress, Feb 2021