Westminster 'Walk for a Purpose' Fundraiser raises $11000

Approximately 750 students, staff and families from Westminster School  raised over $11 000 at their 'Walk for a Purpose' TANZEED fundraiser event on September 9th,  2022.  The event wa...

Students in class at Namelock

Classrooms, desks, books, stationary and teachers... all things we often take for granted and have now brought to the children in Kiserian with the help of our supporters.

Namelock School students June 2022

Some of the 164 students currently studying at Namelock School. 

Providing nutrition to support learning

Namelock students receive a hot daily meal of beans and maize (makand) to help support the children to be able to focus and learn. Tanzania has been one of the many countries battling the devasting dr...

Students at Namelock June 2022

Students attending Namelock  School no longer needing to walk 13km each way to access an education.  

Staff residence almost complete

We're excited to share that the 6 apartment  staff residence is due for completion 4-4-22. Long distance  staff will be able to move in next week.

Staff residence construction underway!

The building of staff accomodation has been a long term goal of the school. It is vital to enable recruitment  and retention of trained teachers to the Kiserian community as other accomodation op...

School solar power system installed

Thanks to a generous donation from Switzerland, the newly finished school now has small solar power system installed! This will help  power a printer, laptop, lights to  the office and 2...

Classrooms 5, 6 and office are complete!

We are excited to share that the building works for classrooms 5, 6 and the school office have now been completed. The staff and students at Namelock are very grateful to all those who donated for...

Building Progressing on Classroom 5, 6 and office

Thanks to generous donations, building work to complete classrooms  5, 6 and the school office are underway ready for the new year.