August 2023

Some of the 270 Namelock students July 2023

Tanzeed visited Namelock School (self funded) in July 2023. It was wonderful to see so many happy students- now numbering 270! Productive meetings were had with our hard working staff (15 now employed...

Our first class of year 7s preparing for the national Tanzanian exam to complete primary school

We are excited to have our first class of year 7s who are due to sit their final national Tanzanian exams in a few months to complete their primary schooling at Namelock. Many of these students have...

Drinking water scarce due to drought- More tanks urgently needed

Students and staff are having to walk and hand cart water daily that is filthy but that is all that is available due to the drought.  Whilst  7, 5000L water tanks  were installed in...